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Dterm® Analog Cordless

Unlike typical analog phones that use a 900MHz band, the NEC Analog Cordless features a 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum. This means you can avoid congested 900MHz areas while traveling much farther from the base unit and still receive clear digital transmissions.


DTerm® Cordless II

Designed to maximize mobility while providing access to most system features right on the handset, the D term Cordless II is designed for spectrum efficiency in combination with the Dterm Cordless Lite to maximize call capacity.


Dterm® Cordless Lite II

As with the Dterm Cordless II, the Dterm Cordless Lite II is designed to increase your mobility to one within the building while maintaining quality voice coverage and access most system features. Best suited for high desnity conversations, the versatile and easy-to-use Dterm Cordless Lite gives you desktop funcionality in a cordless hand-set.


DTerm® Headset Cordless

The analog Dterm Headset Cordless telephone is designed for mobility. Its convenient pocket side allows you to speak and listen in a hands free mode. The unit comes equipped with 2.5 mm headsets.

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