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Training and Service


Call Center Operators

Reliable business telephone systems and timely service are necessities for every business. Accordingly, our service and installation technicians are seasoned professionals who have been factory trained by Midland and bring with them over 100 years of qualified experience. This experience, along with our strong engineering capabilities, assures you of answers to most any communication problem... large or small.

In addition Midland provides complete instruction and training of your employees in the operation and use of your new telephone equipment. Special attention is given to the attendant operator. Optional training is available for attendant operators in call handling and answering techniques. Additional training for attendant and employees is available at any time upon request with charges covered by our Gold maintenance agreement.


Midland responds immediately to requests for emergency service, while non-emergency maintenance service is rendered within 24 hours. Our service people are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for those businesses with around-the-clock operations.

Our Service Responsibility

Midland Communications will act as your agent with the local telephone company to coordinate the installation and resolve any problems regarding service responsibility after the installation. You'll never have to decide for yourself who to call when there is a problem. Always call Midland... we'll do the rest.