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Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP)

With C-TAP, Midland Communications truly partners with it's customers to assure that the technology provided today can be Renewed, Refreshed or Replaced as required and that its Partner will have emerging technologies as they become available and needed; Always having the latest and innovative technology to serve your business needs.

C-TAP also provides a New Industry Standard for Consultation, Education and Special Services to let the technology actually make a difference in your business.

The greatest C-TAP innovation assures your increased profitability: Your cost can be fixed throughout the program.

  • Addition of new technology at any time without extension of the term of the Partnership Plan
  • Refreshment or renewal of equipment quarterly after month 24 with no change in payment
    Month Refresh %
    24 30%
    36 50%
    48 80%
    Term extends to original 60 months.
  • Waiver of labor charges when equipment is added or replaced under the Partnership Plan provisions
  • Waiver of labor charges associated with software upgrades added under the Partnership Plan provisions

C-TAP Program

  • Remote programming changes during normal business hours
  • Priority scheduling for adds, moves, and changes
  • Priority dispatch on all service calls
  • Guarantee of "Inventory On Hand"
  • "Software only" upgrades
  • Backup and archiving of system databases where applicable
  • Periodic replacement of handset and station cords
  • Waiver of labor charges when equipment is added or replaced
  • Waiver of charges for no trouble found carrier calls
  • Unlimited training
  • Designation/key strips as needed
  • Remote support service calls via telephone or emails during normal business hours
  • Preferred service and replacement of defective equipment per factory recommendations
  • Annual preventative maintenance visit
  • No charge for "no trouble found" service calls
  • Local and Long Distance audits and recommendations upon request
  • Service Provider Bill reconciliation
  • Priority queue to the "Partnership Operations Center"
  • Annual analysis of connectivity charges
  • Waiver of labor charges with software upgrades
  • Quarterly technology webinars on advanced and emerging business applications
  • User guides upon request